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The City of Lanett is governed by a Mayor and elected Council members from the city’s voting districts. There are five Council members elected from each of these districts which represent five votes with the Mayor’s vote counting as the sixth. The Council members and Mayor are elected to four-year terms. This governing board is responsible for deciding the city’s policies and procedures by passing Resolutions and Municipal Ordinances resulting in the Municipal Code, all of which are implemented by the various City Departments. Each Department Head reports to the City Manager who in turn reports to the Mayor, resulting in an organization which resembles many corporations. Committees are solely used for finance, major projects and resource allocations while leaving the day to day operations to the City Manager and Mayor in what has proven to be an effective process.

When the Mayor and City Council for the City of Lanett adopt new ordinances, these ordinances must then be incorporated into the City’s Municipal Code book.

The mission of the City Government is to foster community cooperation, innovation, and opportunity by providing quality services to Lanett residents and businesses in an efficient, effective, and economical manner.